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ParmeXim GmbH ist autorisierter PFERD-Partner.


Tradition, Fortschritt, Innovation
Mit der Herstellung von Feilen fing alles vor mehr als 200 Jahren an. Seitdem hat sich das Familienunternehmen zu einem der führenden Hersteller in der Werkzeugindustrie entwickelt. Innovative Ideen und Produkte sind der Schlüssel für den Erfolg.

ParmeXim GmbH is exclusive representative for the Middle East.
Issued from a family run gem stone machining Company established in Idar-Oberstein in 1922,the Guenter Effgen factory is a modern family Company. With more than 250 employees the factory produces diamond and boron nitride tools following customer specifications or to the FEPA Standard.
Over 7000 customers use our skills in development and application. We have a customer service team of highly trained engineers to optimise grinding techniques. Our Service includes full technical assistance and training in
  • grinding machine
  • tooling
  • cooling liquide
  • workpiece
  • dressing
as well as extensive assistance on new developments.
The Effgen GmbH Company was certified with the DIN EN ISO 9001 in 1994. Since 1999, the Company has a complete management system with quality control systems to ensure safe practice at the workplace, environmental protection and that standards meet the automobil industries requirements.
Customer service for us is offering technical support for your needs.

ParmeXim GmbH is exclusive representative for the Middle East.
Coolants Solutions
Specialized in research & development and manufacturing of a full-line of metalworking lubricants under the trade name ChemFluid®, our team of skilled and experienced chemists works with a strong focus to supply customers with the safest and highest performance products for today’s machining requirements.
For technical and sales support, our ChemFluid® team has over 30 years of direct experience in the development and field application of metalworking fluids to the industrial marketplace.
With our products we can cover a wide range of industrial demands from light to heavy-duty machining and grinding applications, metal cleaners, rust preventatives and metal forming fluids.

ParmeXim GmbH ist autorisierter REIME-NORIS Partner für den mittleren Osten.
The ever increasing requirements of industry for the production of threads can only be satisfied by high quality products. Quality thread tools are all the more important since internal thread machining is generally the "last" process. NORIS "Made in Germany" thread tools from REIME NORIS guarantee outstanding quality, high precision and excellent production reliability.
The high demands of our customers have been part of our corporate history for almost 100 years and will continue to be an incentive for us to create new development and innovations so as to secure the competitiveness of our users in the long term.
A global presence with great customer proximity, NORIS quality tools for high precision and our thread specialists are your guarantee for the production of high precision threads.

Our precision is your success. 
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